Stepping Back

  • Stocks are expensive and inflation combined with low rates increases risk in bond portfolios.
  • We’ve been spoiled by unusually high returns for a long time. It’s time to temper expectations.
  • Alternative Investments can help manage risk and produce reasonable returns.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, week-to-week action in markets, and that requires a discipline to occasionally take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This is one of those times. The chart below shows the S&P 500 Index as well as the Median Price/Earnings Ratio. At a P/E of roughly 34, the stock market appears massively over-valued. In fact, just to get back to the 57-year median valuation, the index would need to decline about 48%.

Understand that does not imply that the market will go down that far. It simply means that the market has gotten ahead of itself. Earnings growth is very strong, which brings the valuation down, but the level here is so high, that future returns from this level should be expected to meet the double-digit stock market returns of the last few years.

We can’t value the bond market using P/E ratios, but it should be clear that with rates as low as they are, bonds produce very little income, and should rates increase, bond prices decline. Inflation, even if transitory, can easily pressure bond returns.

Alternative investments are just that, an alternative, and they have different characteristics than traditional investments. And with that we’d like to introduce Ed Hannon. Ed is an alternative investment expert and former head of investment due diligence for Merrill Lynch’s $20 billion Hedge Access platform and is PWM’s alternative investment consultant. Below, Ed provides an overview of alternative investments.

Alternative investment strategies such as hedge funds, managed futures funds, and private equity funds typically have more degrees of investment freedom than mutual funds or individual investment accounts. They often offer advantages such as the ability to use leverage, invest in less liquid securities, and invest both long and short.

One of the biggest advantages of alternative investments is the fact that they can generate profits based on their exposure to non-traditional risk exposures, or “betas.”  Traditional investment strategies rely heavily on market direction in order to generate returns – put simply, they make money when markets rise, and lose money when markets fall.  A traditional manager’s returns will be driven largely by the performance of the market.  An investor who takes long positions in Coke and Pepsi may generate returns based on their individual performance but will also have significant exposure to the level of stocks in general.  For example, a sharp drop in the S&P 500 Index would likely have a negative impact on both positions.

On the other hand, a hedge fund manager has the ability to make relative value investments, such as taking a long position in Coke and a short position in Pepsi, or vice-versa.  If the positions are structured correctly, the hedge fund manager’s gains or losses will be largely based on the relative performance of Coke vs. Pepsi, rather than the direction of the market.

In this way, alternative investment managers can build portfolios that exhibit low correlation to markets with positive expected returns.  The objective is to reduce the overall market correlation of an investor’s portfolio, which should reduce return volatility and generate better results over time.

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