The Future of AI and Healthcare Innovation

Back in late January, Palumbo Wealth Management sponsored our AI/Biotech Summit. We’re thrilled that many of you were able to attend. But for those that were unable to attend, here is your chance to get the scoop. This week we present the video of the Summit. Capitalism is based on the concept of creative destruction. New technologies and industries emerge replacing older technology. We are in the early stages of the next wave of innovation

In the video, Phil interviews portfolio managers Marc Weiss (AI/Technology) and Marc Pentopoulos (Biotech/Healthcare) about the investment opportunities emerging in each area. Marc and Marc are PWM’s key partners in bringing our Emerging Growth Portfolio Strategy to our clients. As we step into this era of incredible opportunity, remember – history has its lessons. We encourage you to listen in and get a better understanding of the technology trends that are rapidly changing our world and presenting exciting investment opportunities.



General News

By: Adam